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Our Fire Door Inspection Process

Our enhanced fire door inspection process includes 4 key steps:

Step 1

Digital Visual Assessment

Our initial phase utilises real-time data capture technology for a detailed visual inspection of fire doors. We accurately document any signs of wear, misalignment, or gaps that might affect door functionality. This meticulous recording of visible defects ensures comprehensive documentation.

Step 2

Automated Functional Testing

Using advanced inspection tools, we test the operational integrity of your fire doors to ensure they open, close, and latch according to manufacturers' specifications and safety standards. This essential phase verifies the mechanical performance of each door, providing real-time functional data.

Step 3

Precision Component Analysis

We apply sophisticated diagnostic tools to examine critical fire door components like seals, hinges, and hardware. This precision-focused approach enhances the accuracy of our evaluations, ensuring all components adhere to current safety standards and identifying maintenance needs proactively.

Step 4

Digital Reporting & Compliance

Employing cutting-edge software, we generate detailed reports that summarise our findings, pinpoint concerns, and recommend corrective measures. This digital documentation aids in maintaining compliance and facilitates efficient maintenance planning, offering a robust framework for safety audits.

Benefits of Choosing The Fire Door Surveyors

Peace of Mind

Knowing that your fire doors are inspected by certified professionals.

Compliance Assurance

Keeping your building compliant with the latest fire safety regulations.

Cost Efficiency

Identifying issues early can significantly reduce the cost of repairs and prevent expensive damage in the event of a fire.

Enhanced Safety

Ensuring that fire doors perform optimally in an emergency, providing maximum protection.

Close-up of a red fire door in a building hallway, showcasing the door's handle and hinges, essential for fire door inspection services.

Customer Reviews

Success Stories
from Satisfied Clients

Maria G
Building Operations Director
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"Excellent service from start to finish! The team at Fire Door Surveyors was punctual, meticulous, and very efficient. They ensured everything was up to code, and their detailed report gave us clear insights into what steps we needed to take next."
Thomas K
Health and Safety
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"I was impressed with the level of detail and professionalism shown during our recent fire door inspection. The inspectors were friendly, explained the process clearly, and provided valuable recommendations. Their expertise in fire safety is evident."
Sandra D
Compliance Officer
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"Quick, efficient, and very professional! The team at The Fire Door Surveyors helped us identify and rectify compliance issues that we were previously unaware of. Their attention to detail is commendable. Thanks for an outstanding job!"
Eddie M
Property Manager
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"We've used The Fire Door Surveyors for multiple properties and they consistently deliver top-notch service. They are experts in their field and always go the extra mile to ensure safety and compliance. It’s comforting to work with such a reliable team."
Ella T
Project Manager
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"Excellent work by The Fire Door Surveyors! They were prompt, thorough, and explained all the necessary compliance and maintenance clearly. A five-star service!"
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Frequently Asked Questions - Fire Door Inspection

A fire door inspection is a detailed assessment carried out by certified professionals to ensure that fire doors in your building comply with current fire safety regulations. The inspection involves checking the door’s physical condition, operational functionality, and the integrity of all components including hinges, seals, and fire-rated glass.

Fire door inspections should be conducted at least annually to ensure they remain in good working order and compliant with UK safety standards. However, the frequency can vary based on the building’s usage, occupancy levels, and specific regulations or requirements set by local fire safety authorities.

Common issues include misaligned doors, worn or damaged seals, incorrect signage, damaged hardware (like hinges, handles, and closers), and blocked or wedged-open doors. Regular inspections help identify and rectify these issues to maintain the door’s integrity and functionality.

Fire door inspections should be conducted by individuals with specific training and qualifications in fire door assembly inspection. It’s crucial to choose a service provider like The Fire Door Surveyors, who are certified and experienced in comprehensive fire safety inspections.

If any issues are identified during the inspection, you will receive a detailed report outlining the defects and recommended corrective actions. It is crucial to address these recommendations promptly to ensure your fire doors function correctly and comply with fire safety regulations. The Fire Door Surveyors can also assist with the necessary repairs and maintenance.


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