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Tailored Fire Door Maintenance Program

Our tailored fire door maintenance service includes a strategic four-step approach:

Step 1

Detailed Visual Inspections

In this initial phase, our technicians use the latest technology to perform in-depth inspections for any signs of deterioration or misalignment that could affect door performance. This proactive approach helps in identifying and documenting maintenance needs effectively.

Step 2

Functional Integrity Tests

We conduct comprehensive tests to verify that all fire doors function seamlessly, ensuring they meet both manufacturer guidelines and safety regulations. This includes testing the closing mechanisms, latching systems, and overall door operability to guarantee performance in critical situations.

Step 3

Targeted Component Servicing

Focusing on longevity and reliability, our maintenance includes precise servicing of all key fire door components such as hinges, door seals, and locking mechanisms. Regular servicing ensures these components perform flawlessly and meet stringent safety standards.

Step 4

Maintenance Documentation

Our sophisticated systems generate detailed maintenance logs that provide a clear record of actions taken and the current status of each fire door. These logs are crucial for regulatory compliance and help streamline future maintenance tasks.

Advantages of Our Fire Door Maintenance:


Trust in our expert service to keep your fire doors in peak condition.

Regulatory Compliance

Stay ahead of safety regulations with our comprehensive maintenance.

Economic Benefits

Prevent costly emergency repairs and extend the lifespan of your fire doors.

Safety First

Ensure your fire doors will function correctly during emergencies, safeguarding property and lives.

Customer Reviews

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Our Valued Clients:

James L
Facilities Manager
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"The Fire Door Surveyors delivered exceptional service from start to finish. Their professionalism and attention to detail ensured our building met all safety standards. Highly recommended!"
Sophia K
Building Owner
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"Thanks to The Fire Door Surveyors, we now have complete peace of mind about our fire safety. Their thorough inspections and expert advice were invaluable."
Michael D
Property Manager
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"Outstanding service! The team was knowledgeable and efficient, making the whole process seamless. We particularly appreciated their proactive approach to fire safety."
Hannah M
Safety Officer
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"The Fire Door Surveyors were true professionals. They handled our large-scale inspection with ease and provided detailed reports that were easy to understand. We'll definitely be using their services again."
Ella T
Project Manager
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"Excellent work by The Fire Door Surveyors! They were prompt, thorough, and explained all the necessary compliance and maintenance clearly. A five-star service!"
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Frequently Asked Questions - Fire Door Maintenance

Our maintenance service involves systematic inspections, mechanical tests, and component servicing to ensure that every fire door in your facility operates correctly and meets safety regulations.

We recommend at least an annual review, though some environments may require more frequent service based on usage and exposure.

Typical maintenance resolves issues like seal deterioration, hardware wear, and improper door alignments, ensuring that each fire door functions optimally.

Only qualified and trained technicians conduct our fire door maintenance to ensure the highest standards of safety and efficiency.

Should any issue be discovered, it will be documented in a maintenance report with recommended corrective measures to ensure the doors remain compliant and fully operational.

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